About Our Business

Tukay Associates, in it's current form, is a multi-decipline Engineering
Consulting and Software Development Company.  Guided by it's Principals'
shared enthusiasm and excitement for the Civil/Structural Engineering
design processes,  
Tukay was started in 1997 as an engineering-centric
software company dedicated to development and sharing of engineering
software programs, applications and tools that were developed in-house
over a  number of years of practice. These were tools developed mainly to
help the us (the PRINCIPALS) get the work done quickly and accurately.  

Our original thinking was to share our unique tools and applications
developed during years of practice through the software arm of the

After the first 10 years of existence as a software ONLY company, the
natural progression was to roll the engineering work done by the principals
as individuals and the software development arm of the original company
into one encompassing entity in 2006.  The reorganization was completed
with a renewed focus on engineering projects design and execution and
less on the software development and sale..

Our mission statement is always to deliver unique and innovative solutions
to our clients and stand by our clients long after project completion.  Our
original aim, and still is, was never about making money.  Our relationship
is always clien-centric with extreme focus on serving our clients and
maintaining our bond to our clients.

Tukay Associates was initially started as an Engineering Software
Company by the principals because we believed in the power of the
engineering tools that were developed in-house.  The spark was over a
late night session back in 1996 where the issues of Floodway Deleniation,
on a watershed scale, was taking a toll (for those of you/us that did do this
type of work in the days of Hec-2 DOS version, you realize how tedious
and frustrating this task is/was and know what we are talking about).  

The brilliant idea was to come up with an algorithm that will automate the
process for the user with minimum interference, and consequently, effort.  
The program was developed where the user would setup the parameter
and the software would take care of the rest, including revisioning of
coding, running, and checking of results (auto-magically).  

TSSFLDWY was born (TukaySoft-touchSolutionsFLooDWaY
deliniation program), and in a sense, Tukay Associates..

Since then, we had developed a multitude of Engineering and CAD
applications that, at the time, were second to none.  As Engineering
Projects work loads and numbers increased, the company focus and
emphasis has shifted to the engineering side and less on the software
sale.  We still develop in-house tools and applications that make our work
faster and integrated with all design elements and components in the Civil
field.  You can still find out more about the Software under the

Tukay is a small "Small Business" company that was started in 1997 and
re-branded in 2006. The size fluctuates based on the economy with a core
of 4-5 employees on the low end and 10-12 during good economic cycles.

About Us